Helping Employees Make Better Healthcare Decisions with Tom Vertich

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About this Episode

Employees are getting more health-aware and are placing greater demand on their employers for better healthcare packages. However, meeting the divergent health needs of your employers goes beyond changing your benefit plans to rethinking your approach to employee health and getting innovative with your health solutions.  

In this episode of the Edelheit Experience, Tom Vertich, one of the leading experts in the Benefits space, discusses innovative approaches to employee benefits and optimizing healthcare initiatives for your employees. Tom, who is the Director of Total Rewards at Team Car Care, discusses point solutions he is initiating in the organization, and how effective communication of these benefits can drive engagement and positive healthcare outcomes.  

Tom has years of experience as an HR benefits professional and a benefits broker/consultant, having worked for three Fortune 500 companies. Tom shares insights into navigating market practices and vendor capacities to plan, design, and implement leading-edge benefit strategies that control cost and enhance the member experience.

Key Takeaways from this Episode

“Participation does not mean engagement”  

“If you skip oil changes for your car, bad things will happen; same way if you skip benefits care, leave gaps in care, particularly in diabetes, you open yourself to bad health outcomes down the road”  

“You need to understand what success looks like first and know what the building blocks are to determine if your benefit plans are succeeding”

“Sometimes you find that a doctor who might get rated as low cost does not necessarily have the lowest fees; they might be avoiding needless tests and getting the person better on fewer visits”

Show Breakdown

[0:46] Healthcare wastes and poor healthcare decisions

[3:35] Making better decisions around employee healthcare cost and quality  

[5:21] How Tom is creating point solutions to disrupt employee healthcare  

[11:19] Balancing healthcare costs with quality

[12:53] Lifestyle and wellness initiatives to improve healthcare outcomes

[15:23] Innovative solutions to cancer treatment

[17:25] Optimizing benefits in retail organizations

[19:02] Communicating benefits to your employees the right way  

[20:21] Improving employee engagement with benefits

[21:41] Navigating new vendors vs. old vendors


Tom Vertich

Tom Vertich is the Director of Total Rewards for Team Car Care, which does business as Jiffy Lube. Prior to Team Car Care, he worked at American Airlines in both global benefits and U.S. benefit strategy. Tom has also worked in HR benefits for two other Fortune 500 firms in addition to spending 12 years on the brokerage side of health benefits.Tom has enjoyed success in managing the cost of health plans within his current organization. With essentially the same out-of-pocket plan features, its 2022 medical plan rates are 6% below what they were in 2020. In the first quarter of 2022, per employee plan claim costs were approximately 10.5% below the same period in 2020.Tom is a recipient of the Well Being 100 Award by the Corporate Health and Wellness Association and holds the CEBS and SHRM-SCP professional designations.

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