How Your Company Can Take Advantage of the ERTC with Greg Nussbickel

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About this Episode

Greg Nussbickel is a top-rated elder law and estate planning attorney who has served Southwest Florida for two decades.

His law firm, The Nussbickel, is dedicated to helping seniors with legal issues surrounding health and personal care planning. The firm’s legal team creates strategies for its clients which might include Medicaid planning, veterans benefits, special needs planning and more.

Listen in as Greg offers his advice to families who have been considering hiring an estate planning specialist, but have hesitated on pulling the trigger. He assures listeners that “it’s so much less intimidating and scary than people think.”

He then explains how companies can take advantage of the ERTC, who exactly can qualify for the tax credit, and why “it’s basically free money on the table.”

Greg also warns against taking advice from anyone (including your accounting firm) but a demonstrated expert in the field such as himself.

Key Takeaways from this Episode

  • [Estate planning is] so much less intimidating and scary than people think. My advice is always just, “Get the ball rolling. Get it done. You can always change it in the future, but you’ll be happy you did.”
  • A payroll firm can’t give legal advice or tax advice. They’re very upfront about that. All they’re doing is their version of being a conduit, putting money on an Excel sheet, and then you’re off on your own.
  • Probably 90+% of US companies are entitled to some ERTC returns.


Gregory Nussbickel, JD LLM

Practicing Business, Tax, and Estate Law for nearly 20 years, Greg's legal experience spans large firm, public interest, and higher education.

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