The Evolution of Well-Being with Laura Kirk

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About this Episode

Employees across the country have taken more control of their lives, making sharp changes to their health habits and lifestyles in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Admittedly, people are now more self-aware and have realized how their daily health choices influence their quality of life. This paradigm shift has also changed how these workers view work and the workplace.  

While many business leaders were caught unawares by this unprecedented shift, a number of them are beginning to take proactive steps to resetting their wellness programs to meet their workers where they need it most.  

Jonathan Edelheit, Chairman and co-Founder of Global Healthcare Resources sits with Laura Kirk, Director of Total Rewards at Radial, to discuss the problems with the current workplace wellness ecosystem and framework as she shares insights into how employers can rethink wellness and remodel their programs to promote a thriving and healthy workforce.  

Listen in to learn from Laura’s wealth of experience working with several organizations across various industries, establishing and building viable wellbeing structures for a thriving workforce.

Key Takeaways from this Episode

“It’s about meeting your employers where they are to offer more equitable solutions”

“Wellness programs cannot have the desired impact unless they go down to the individual level of wellness needs”


Laura Kirk

Laura Kirk is the Director of Total Rewards at Radial, an e-commerce logistics company. In her role, she leads a team of passionate people to develop and execute forward-looking programs that meet the needs of their workforce. Prior to Radial, she led the North American Total Rewards function for Firmenich and held several benefits and compensation roles for Johnson Controls and Tyco International.

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