Where Should Organizations Invest Their Resources to Best Support Well-being? Natalie Johnson and Rebecca Johnson share insights.

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About this Episode

There has never been a more urgent time to rethink wellness than now. There is a strong need in the workplace for a healthier and more supportive corporate culture now more than ever. Employees are tired of the clinical approach to wellness and their organization s rolling out wellbeing initiatives that do not touch their needs or solve their problems.  

Joining us in this episode of the Edelheit Experience are Natalie and Rebecca Johnson, co-founders of ViDL solutions, helping organizations build stronger and more precise structures and initiatives to help their employees thrive. Rebecca, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, and Natalie, Chief Visionary Officer takes a deep dive into why employee wellness programs fail and what e employers might be doing wrong.  

Learn as Natalie and Rebecca share deep insights into what matters more to employees and an organization in regard to wellbeing and health, and how using Maslow’s pyramid of needs, they explain how meeting employees' most important wellbeing needs may be the key to solving the wellbeing question.  

Key Takeaways from this Episode

“Until you have the real information of knowledge of the actual problem, a lot of the solutions you are going to employ will not be useful”  

“Whatever a toxic company or business partner is producing is not worth the toxicity they are creating”

“So much of what we do in the workplace that isn't helpful or productive or that impacts negatively on mental wellbeing comes down to one thing - the inability or unwillingness to have hard conversations productively”  

“Training and coaching is valuable for any team, any person, and any organization, but if the training and coaching is not supported by the hard conversations and holding people accountable, then the training and coaching can only go so far”  

“If you picture an organization as a pyramid - just like Maslow's pyramid of needs - the cherry on top represents the formal wellbeing services a company offers; these come last in the pyramid as there are more basic and vital things, which are more systemic and primary needs of the organization, such as its culture and employee support”  

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