Natalie Johnson

Natalie is a Co-founder of ViDL Solutions. She serves as the company’s Chief Visionary Officer and oversees business development, strategy, and innovation.

Natalie has extensive experience working in the field of individual and team performance and has 30 years of experience teaching, training, coaching, and consulting. Her background is in human performance, specifically performance psychology, exercise physiology and performance nutrition. She is an industry-recognized Performance Coach, a sought-after keynote speaker, a certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator and a certified coach with the Wellcoaches™ organization. She has received a variety of awards including Corporate Wellness Leadership Award, Executive Director of the Year, Healthcare Hero, Businesswoman Leader Extraordinaire and Program Innovation Award. Examples of her clients include NASA, The Department of Defense, Johnson & Johnson, Deloitte, Ascension Healthcare, The American College of Surgeons, The Singapore Healthcare System, Advent Health, Chanel, The Duvall County School Board, Novo Nordisk, Gallagher and more.