Reimagining Financial Wellness with Robert Kelley

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About this Episode

Financial stress is at an all-time high. With the rising cost of everything and the economic downswing induced by the coronavirus pandemic, employees are scrambling for all the money they can get to keep body and soul together.  

For many employees, the last two-and-a-half years have been the most stressful time in their careers. However, this disruption has only revealed the inadequacies of the workplace wellness architecture. How have employers contributed to this financial crisis and what can employers do to tackle this burden?

Jonathan Edelheit, Chairman of Global Healthcare Resources sat with leading Benefits expert Robert Kelley, PHR, CBP, CPM, a HR Benefits Consultant with the North Carolina Office of State Human Resources, to hear Robert’s thoughts about the current financial crisis as well as how it directly affects employee overall health, and, in turn, workplace productivity. In this interview, Robert also shares brilliant ideas for remodeling employee financial wellness programs and strategies for boosting employee participation.  

Robert Kelley has more than 25 years of experience in benefits, having served in many roles including as Benefits counselor at North Carolina State University and Benefits Analyst with the North Carolina State Retirement System at the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer.  

Key Takeaways from this Episode

“School became a little too technical, and forgot to teach about finance”

“Money is not everything, but it is always great to have options”  

“If you want an effective financial wellness plan, look at your benefits package”

“Take feedback from your employees to help you know what people really want”


Robert Kelley

Robert Kelley, PHR, CBP, CPM is an HR Benefit Consultant with the NC Office of State Human Resources, member of the administration team for the State of North Carolina Voluntary Insurance Plans and Sensible Savings Employee Financial Wellness Program. The State is one of the largest employers in NC, offering benefits to a diverse population of over 125,000 employees in State Agencies, UNC System Education Institutions, NC Community Colleges, and NC Charter Schools.

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