Donna Fernandez

Donna Fernandez is the Senior Manager, Benefits Administration for Houston Independent School District where she focuses her time and passion on working with employee benefits. She has a proven track record with wellness programs and getting employees back to work. Her passion is motivating employees to become better consumers of their own health and the health of their family members. Recent activities include health fairs for the employees and working with the HISD Benefits Counselors to put together a plan for campuses and departments to share benefits information via written communications, webinars, and in person meetings. We also create question and answer forums so employees have a place to call or come to get their issues resolved as well as learn about their benefits. Through setting up efficient benefits administration, employees are able to use their cell phones and computers or tablets to enroll in benefits, check their status on benefits eligibility for each of the benefits selected, and most importantly, to use their benefits. Donna also is a member of the Mental Health First Aid Program that brings people and resources together to further the task of mental health awareness and to stomp out the stigma that is generally a barrier to mental health.